Jurassic Park Survival: The Alien Isolation Sequel We Always Wanted

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For years, fans of the Alien Isolation horror game have been yearning for a follow-up. The game's tense atmosphere, innovative gameplay, and terrifying Xenomorph creature have cemented it as a modern classic. Now, a new title promises to deliver a similar experience, but with a twist: it's set in the iconic world of Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park Survival is a first-person horror game currently in development. Players will take on the role of a survivor stranded on Isla Nublar, the island where the Jurassic Park theme park was located. With dinosaurs roaming free, your only goal is to survive.

Like Alien Isolation, Jurassic Park Survival will emphasize stealth and resource management. You won't be able to simply blast your way through hordes of dinosaurs. Instead, you'll need to use your wit and cunning to avoid detection and stay alive.

Here's why Jurassic Park Survival is the Alien Isolation sequel we always wanted:

  • A terrifying setting: The Jurassic Park universe is already home to some of the most iconic and fearsome creatures in film history. Imagine being hunted not by a Xenomorph, but by a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a pack of Velociraptors.
  • Innovative gameplay: Alien Isolation's AI was revolutionary, creating a truly unpredictable and terrifying enemy. Jurassic Park Survival promises to offer similar AI for its dinosaurs, making every encounter unique and suspenseful.
  • Stealth-focused gameplay: Gone are the days of running and gunning. Jurassic Park Survival will require you to use your head and stay hidden, just like Ripley in Alien Isolation.
  • A familiar yet fresh experience: While the core gameplay will be familiar to Alien Isolation fans, the Jurassic Park setting adds a new layer of excitement and fear.


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Jurassic Park Survival is still in development, but it has already generated a lot of excitement among gamers. If you're a fan of the Alien Isolation and Jurassic Park franchises, this is definitely a game to keep an eye on.

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