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UEFA Champions League Final at 19:00 GMT : Liverpool - Real Madrid CF - FREE TO AIR Frequencies Channels

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UEFA Champions League Final  at 19:00 GMT : Liverpool - Real Madrid CF - FREE TO AIR Frequencies Channels 

 UEFA Champions League Final

19:00     Liverpool -  Real Madrid CF

Saturday (Samedi) 28.05.2022 (GMT+00)

-Astra 19.2°E -11953 H 27500 -FTA
-Astra 19.2°E -11361 H 22000 -FTA(DVB-S2)
Mega TV HD
-Eutelsat 3.1°E- 12624 H  18845 -DCW( Constant CW)
Mega TV
-Eutelsat 3.1°E- 12737 H 15055  -Biss
TF-1 Suisse HD
-Eutelsat 33.1°E-12621 V 10058 -FTA
-Eutelsat 5°W-11509 H 29500 -FTA(Multistream)
-Eutelsat 5°W-11096 V 29950-(Emu )
-ASTRA  19.2°E-12168 V 29700 -(Emu )
Match! TV
-Express 14°W -11647 V 14180 -FTA(T2MI)
TV8 Turkey
-Turksat 42°E -12346 H 9600 -FTA/Biss
TV8 HD Turkey
-Turksat 42°E -12356 H 7100  -FTA/Biss
Varzish Sport HD
-NSS 57°E-11565 H 10750 -Biss
-Yahsat52.5°E-11785 H 27500-Biss
-AzerSpace 46°E-11175 H 30000  -FTA/BISS
1TV Afghanistan
-Yahsat 52.5°E- 12015 H 27500 -FTA
-Turkmensat 52°E-10804 H 27500 -FTA 
Mono TV
-Turkmensat 52°E-10887 V 27500 -FTA
-Turkmensat 52°E-10804 H 27500 -FTA
Solh TV
-Turkmensat 52°E-10845 V 27500 -FTA
Watan 2
-Yahsat 52.5°E- 12149 V 27500 -Biss
Wayking TV
-Turkmensat 52°E-10804 H 27500 -FTA
Football HD
-Yahsat 52.5°E- 11785 H 27500 -Biss
-Badr 26°E -12265 H 30000 -FTA/Biss
-Badr 26°E -11900 V 27500 -FTA/Biss
-Badr 26°E -11881 H 27500 -FTA/Biss(DVB-S2)
-Intelsat 62°E -11555 V 30000 -FTA/Biss
Eutelsat 9°E- 20185 L 25000 -FTA (KA-Band)
Canale 5
-Eutelsat 9°E-12188 V 31400 -FTA(Multistream)
Canale 5 HD
-Eutelsat 9°E-12149 V 31400 -FTA(Multistream)
TVE La 1
-Hispasat 30°W-11222 H  30000 -Biss ( Abertis DTT )
-Hispasat 30°W-11302 H  30000 -Biss ( Abertis DTT )
-Hispasat 30°W-11382 H  30000 -Biss ( Abertis DTT )
-Hispasat 30°W-11653 H  19680 -Biss ( Abertis DTT )
-Hispasat 30°W-11675 H  15750  -Biss ( Abertis DTT )
-Hispasat 30°W-12631 V  30000 -Biss ( Abertis DTT )
-Hispasat 30°W-12671 V  30000 -Biss ( Abertis DTT )
Sport Uzbekistan
-NSS-12 57°E- 11610 H 18750 -FTA

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