Top 3rd Satellite for Free Satellite TV Channels in USA – SES 2 87.0° W


Top 3rd Satellite for Free Satellite TV Channels in USA – SES 2 87.0° W

After Galaxy 19 and Galaxy 3C satellite, this is 3rd best satellite in USA region to receive direct free-to-air satellite TV channels. If you are using FTA set-top box with KU-band dish antenna for Galaxy 3C and Galaxy 19 satellites then you can also add this satellite in your set-top box to increase channels list.

But you cannot get all three satellites in one satellite dish antenna, I know you can get Galaxy 19 and Galaxy 3C satellites together in one dish antenna but SES 2 satellite position is totally different. So you can install same size other dish antenna in your roof and use same set-top box. You can connect one and more dish antenna by using DiSEqC Switch.

If you don’t know that how to connect multiple dish antenna with one set-top box then you can get information that How does a DiSEqC switch work?  and DiSEqC switch Installation in set-top box?

If you have successfully install extra satellite dish antenna, then you can tune your set-top box by given below frequencies. (Here is frequencies and channel list)

Channel NameLanguageSatelliteTP FrequenciesPOL.S.R.
MTA1ArabicSES 211737V8333
MTA1 +3 hoursArabicSES 211737V8333
MTA3 Al-ArabiyyaArabicSES 211737V8333
MTA InfoCastArabicSES 211737V8333
The Patient ChannelEnglishSES 211800H2686
LPB KidsEnglishSES 211811H11150
LPB 3EnglishSES 211811H11150
LPB HDEnglishSES 211811H11150
HughesSpanishSES 212010H2170
The Florida ChannelEnglishSES 212044V3200

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