Best Satellites for FTA TV Channels in USA – Galaxy 19 97.0°W

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the best satellites for FTA TV channels in the USA, with a focus on Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W.


Free-to-air (FTA) television channels are those that can be received without a subscription. There are many different satellites that broadcast FTA channels, and the best satellite for you will depend on your location and the channels you want to watch.

Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W

Galaxy 19 is a popular satellite for FTA TV channels in the USA. It is located at 97.0°W longitude, which means it is accessible to most of the continental United States. Galaxy 19 broadcasts a wide variety of FTA channels, including news, sports, movies, and TV shows.

Other Satellites for FTA TV Channels

In addition to Galaxy 19, there are many other satellites that broadcast FTA TV channels in the USA. Some of the most popular satellites include:

  • EchoStar 105: This satellite is located at 105°W longitude and broadcasts a wide variety of FTA channels, including news, sports, movies, and TV shows.
  • SES 11: This satellite is located at 119°W longitude and broadcasts a variety of FTA channels, including news, sports, movies, and TV shows.
  • Intelsat 901: This satellite is located at 90.1°W longitude and broadcasts a variety of FTA channels, including news, sports, movies, and TV shows.

How to Receive FTA TV Channels

To receive FTA TV channels, you will need a satellite dish, a receiver, and a subscription to a TV guide service. The satellite dish will be used to collect the signal from the satellite, the receiver will decode the signal, and the TV guide service will provide you with information about the channels that are available.


There are many different satellites that broadcast FTA TV channels in the USA. The best satellite for you will depend on your location and the channels you want to watch. Galaxy 19 is a popular satellite for FTA TV channels in the USA and it broadcasts a wide variety of channels.

Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of your FTA TV experience:

  • Make sure you have a large enough satellite dish. The size of the dish will determine how much signal it can collect.
  • Use a high-quality receiver. A good receiver will decode the signal more effectively and provide you with a better picture quality.
  • Subscribe to a TV guide service. A TV guide service will provide you with information about the channels that are available, including the channel number, the time of day, and the programming that is being broadcast.

Best Satellites for FTA TV Channels in USA – Galaxy 19 97.0°W

We have checked numbers of satellites for highest free to air television channels in single satellite, finally we have found “Galaxy 19” satellite.

Galaxy 19 satellite have about 200+ free-to-air television channels and 70+ radio channels in USA. You need minimum 65cm to 90cm ku-band dish antenna and one free-to-air satellite receiver. You have to install your dish antenna at 97.0° west position by help of satellite finder or satellite dB meter.

If you want know updated free to air channels list with frequency details for Galaxy 19 satellite at 97.0°W. Check below.
Channel NameLanguageSatelliteFrequencyPOL.S.R.
AABC TVArabicGalaxy 1911836V20770
Ariana NewsFarsiGalaxy 1911836V20770
Eternal LifeEnglishGalaxy 1911836V20770
Guide US TVEnglishGalaxy 1911836V20770
Hwazan Satellite TVChineseGalaxy 1911836V20770
IBC NewsVietnameseGalaxy 1911836V20770
Payam-E-Afghan TVArabicGalaxy 1911836V20770
Persian Bazaar TVFarsiGalaxy 1911836V20770
Shant ARTNArmenianGalaxy 1911836V20770
Tapesh TV NetworkFarsiGalaxy 1911836V20770
Time TVFarsiGalaxy 1911836V20770
Velayat TVUrduGalaxy 1911836V20770
Viet Dong TrungVietnameseGalaxy 1911836V20770
Viet Global MallVietnameseGalaxy 1911836V20770
Viet Pho TVVietnameseGalaxy 1911836V20770
Yemen TVArabicGalaxy 1911836V20770
3ABNEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
3ABN LatinoSpanishGalaxy 1911842H22000
3ABN ProclaimEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
Amazing DiscoveriesEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
Amazing FactsEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
Esperanza TVSpanishGalaxy 1911842H22000
Hope ChannelEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
Hope Church ChannelEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
LLBNEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
LLBN His LightEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
Smart Lifestyle TVEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
Word Network, TheEnglishGalaxy 1911842H22000
Al HorreyaArabicGalaxy 1911867V22000
Al KalemaArabicGalaxy 1911867V22000
Alkarma TVArabicGalaxy 1911867V22000
Aramaic Broadcasting NetworkAramaicGalaxy 1911867V22000
Assyrian National BroadcastingAramaicGalaxy 1911867V22000
Christian Youth ChannelEnglishGalaxy 1911867V22000
Coptic TVArabicGalaxy 1911867V22000
DirecShopEnglishGalaxy 1911867V22000
Kurdistan TVKurdishGalaxy 1911867V22000
Logos TVArabicGalaxy 1911867V22000
RTS 1FrenchGalaxy 1911867V22000
Tuff TVEnglishGalaxy 1911867V22000
2M TVArabicGalaxy 1911898V22000
Almaghribya TVArabicGalaxy 1911898V22000
Belarus TVRussianGalaxy 1911898V22000
Canal AlgerieArabicGalaxy 1911898V22000
Coran Hidaiah – FrenchFrenchGalaxy 1911898V22000
Coran Hidaiah – SpanishSpanishGalaxy 1911898V22000
LTV WorldLithuanianGalaxy 1911898V22000
Nigerian TV AuthorityEnglishGalaxy 1911898V22000
Quran HidayahEnglishGalaxy 1911898V22000
Sonshine Media NetworkEnglishGalaxy 1911898V22000
Christ TVArabicGalaxy 1911929V22000
MTA3 Al-ArabiyyaArabicGalaxy 1911929V22000
Peace TVEnglishGalaxy 1911929V22000
Peace TV BanglaBengaliGalaxy 1911929V22000
Peace TV UrduUrduGalaxy 1911929V22000
Rudaw TVKurdishGalaxy 1911929V22000
Salaam TVArabicGalaxy 1911929V22000
SonLife Broadcasting NetEnglishGalaxy 1911929V22000
TVR InternationalRomanianGalaxy 1911929V22000
Marjaeyat TVArabicGalaxy 1911936H20000
Me SatArabicGalaxy 1911936H20000
QVCEnglishGalaxy 1911936H20000
Ukranian TV & RadioUkranianGalaxy 1911936H20000
Ethiopia Orthodox TVAmharicGalaxy 1911961V22000
Ethiopia Somalia TVAmharicGalaxy 1911961V22000
IFilm EnglishEnglishGalaxy 1911961V22000
Kalemeh TVFarsiGalaxy 1911961V22000
Press TVEnglishGalaxy 1911961V22000
ToheedFarsiGalaxy 1911961V22000
TRT 1TurkishGalaxy 1911961V22000
TRT ArabicArabicGalaxy 1911961V22000
TRT CocukTurkishGalaxy 1911961V22000
TRT MuzikTurkishGalaxy 1911961V22000
Angel TVTamilGalaxy 1911966H22000
CNLRussianGalaxy 1911966H22000
DaystarEnglishGalaxy 1911966H22000
Dhamma Media ChannelThaiGalaxy 1911966H22000
Duna WorldHungarianGalaxy 1911966H22000
Lao Overseas TVLaoGalaxy 1911966H22000
Lao-Thai USThaiGalaxy 1911966H22000
NAT NewsThaiGalaxy 1911966H22000
Oromiyaa TVAmharicGalaxy 1911966H22000
Thai American TVThaiGalaxy 1911966H22000
Thai TV Global NetworkThaiGalaxy 1911966H22000
Thai TV ShoppingThaiGalaxy 1911966H22000
Vietface TVVietnameseGalaxy 1911966H22000
Vietnamese Broadcasting ServiceVietnameseGalaxy 1911966H22000
VStar TVVietnameseGalaxy 1911966H22000
VTV-4VietnameseGalaxy 1911966H22000
Ariana Afghanistan TVEnglishGalaxy 1912028H22000
Christian Youth ChannelEnglishGalaxy 1912028H22000
Kentron TVArmenianGalaxy 1912028H22000
Kuwait TV 1ArabicGalaxy 1912028H22000
Kuwait TV 2EnglishGalaxy 1912028H22000
Kuwait TV ArabeArabicGalaxy 1912028H22000
RTI 1FrenchGalaxy 1912028H22000
Armenian Public TV 1ArmenianGalaxy 1912053V22000
CNC WorldEnglishGalaxy 1912053V22000
Global Christian NetworkEnglishGalaxy 1912053V22000
Hillsong ChannelEnglishGalaxy 1912053V22000
Imam Hussein 2ArabicGalaxy 1912053V22000
Imam Hussein 3EnglishGalaxy 1912053V22000
Imam Hussein TVFarsiGalaxy 1912053V22000
Juce TVEnglishGalaxy 1912053V22000
Simay-AzadiFarsiGalaxy 1912053V22000
Smile of a ChildEnglishGalaxy 1912053V22000
TBN enlaceSpanishGalaxy 1912053V22000
Tele CongoFrenchGalaxy 1912053V22000
Trinity Broadcasting NetworkEnglishGalaxy 1912053V22000
ADL TVLaoGalaxy 1912060H22000
Al HayatArabicGalaxy 1912060H22000
Apostolic Oneness NetworkEnglishGalaxy 1912060H22000
Celebration TVEnglishGalaxy 1912060H22000
Christian TV NetworkEnglishGalaxy 1912060H22000
Emmanuel TVEnglishGalaxy 1912060H22000
GEM USAFarsiGalaxy 1912060H22000
Good Idea TVLaoGalaxy 1912060H22000
KVLAVietnameseGalaxy 1912060H22000
Little Saigon TVVietnameseGalaxy 1912060H22000
Office of Radio & TV of MaliFrenchGalaxy 1912060H22000
RTP Internacional AmericaPortugueseGalaxy 1912060H22000
Saigon TVVietnameseGalaxy 1912060H22000
Al KassArabicGalaxy 1912083V22000
Andisheh TVFarsiGalaxy 1912083V22000
Ganj e HozourFarsiGalaxy 1912083V22000
Iran TV NetworkFarsiGalaxy 1912083V22000
Merci TVFarsiGalaxy 1912083V22000
Omid-e-IranFarsiGalaxy 1912083V22000
Pars TVFarsiGalaxy 1912083V22000
Tasvir E IranFarsiGalaxy 1912083V22000
Ariana TV NetworkDariGalaxy 1912115V22425
AssyriaSatAramaicGalaxy 1912115V22425
Bethel TVSpanishGalaxy 1912115V22425
Bible ExplorationsEnglishGalaxy 1912115V22425
Channel YekFarsiGalaxy 1912115V22425
Didar Global PlusFarsiGalaxy 1912115V22425
Ebru TVEnglishGalaxy 1912115V22425
EEE NetworkSpanishGalaxy 1912115V22425
Ethiopian TVAmharicGalaxy 1912115V22425
Hispan TVSpanishGalaxy 1912115V22425
IBN TVEnglishGalaxy 1912115V22425
Iman TVArabicGalaxy 1912115V22425
Iran E Aryaee TVFarsiGalaxy 1912115V22425
Middle Eastern AmericanArabicGalaxy 1912115V22425
University Network, TheEnglishGalaxy 1912115V22425
Abu Dhabi Al OulaArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Al-IraqiyaArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Jordan TVArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Libyan Jamahiriya BroadcastingArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Palestinian Sat ChannelArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Qatar TVArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Saudi Arabian TV 1ArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Sharjah TVArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Southern Sudan TVArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Sudanese Space ChannelArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Sultanate of Oman TVArabicGalaxy 1912145V22000
Al FadyArabicGalaxy 1912152H20000
Al Iraqia 2ArabicGalaxy 1912152H20000
Impact TVRussianGalaxy 1912152H20000
Kazakh TVKazakhGalaxy 1912152H20000
RTS SatelliteSerbianGalaxy 1912152H20000
Russia TodayEnglishGalaxy 1912152H20000
Saudi Arabian TV 2EnglishGalaxy 1912152H20000
Saudi QuranArabicGalaxy 1912152H20000
Saudi SunnahArabicGalaxy 1912152H20000
TVKKhmerGalaxy 1912152H20000
Ahl-E-Bait TVFarsiGalaxy 1912177V23000
Al MayadeenArabicGalaxy 1912177V23000
Alkarma TVArabicGalaxy 1912177V23000
God’s Learning ChannelEnglishGalaxy 1912177V23000
Good Idea TVLaoGalaxy 1912177V23000
Hidden Power TVFarsiGalaxy 1912177V23000
ISTVThaiGalaxy 1912177V23000
Karbala Satellite ChannelArabicGalaxy 1912177V23000
NetVietVietnameseGalaxy 1912177V23000
Open Door Communication NetworkEnglishGalaxy 1912177V23000
Pan ArmenianArmenianGalaxy 1912177V23000
SaBaiDee TVThaiGalaxy 1912177V23000
Somali National TVArabicGalaxy 1912177V23000
Way, TheArabicGalaxy 1912177V23000
Bible ExplorationsEnglishGalaxy 1912184H22000
Christian Global NetworkKoreanGalaxy 1912184H22000
Hispan TVSpanishGalaxy 1912184H22000
Jaam-e-Jam TV 2FarsiGalaxy 1912184H22000
Kentron TVArmenianGalaxy 1912184H22000
RTI 1FrenchGalaxy 1912184H22000
Telewizja TrwamPolishGalaxy 1912184H22000

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